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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!
By: Raphael
a word is a nuoff 4 the wise
By: chinedu
d world is like a field, and we ar d players in the field,and GOD is our coach dat we show us d way 2 score goals dat
By: chibuikem chinedu
" There are different things people admire ,but what you admire is best known to you ! " By Omage Moses Aigboje.
By: Omage Moses Aigboje
Life will depends with your life partner.
By: Ram Raja Shrestha
Birth is a hyperlink to death' if there is no birth there will be no death.
By: Nwammuo Chisimdiri
Be ashamed of whosever that is ashamed of you.
By: Nwammuo Chisimdiri
There is no righteousness in money, if righteous in your hand it might not be righteous in the hand that giveth it unto you.
By: Nwammuo Chisimdiri
" In Nigerian adage it is a thief they use to catch a thief " By Omage Moses Aigboje.
By: Omage Moses Aigboje
Do not condemn a sinner by your words, but a words of repentance to change them for better because nobody is free.
By: Engr Glory

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